PICK YOUR PROJECT DATES and $30 THURSDAYS DATES ARE NOW AVAILABLE FOR APRIL 2024! Our Studio is Located at 1660 N. 4th Street, Unit W, Laramie Wy 82072 (Northridge Shopping Center on 4th and Reynold)

Private Party Project Catalog

Are you looking to host a one-of-a-kind DIY Private Party where guests will have fun gathering, laughing and creating together? And at the end of the party each registered guest will get to head home with a decorative piece they created themselves? Then you're in the right place.  Browse through our projects and select up to 3 projects you'd like to offer to your guests.  Each guest will then get to customize their project with their choice of stencil design, paint and stain colors and can add personalization like name, date or quote.

Don't see the project your hoping for? Reach out to us at hammerandstainlaramie@gmail.com or 307-223-2313 to see how we can help!

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